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Cached entries will get dropped automatically if memory usage is very high


The BREPipelineFramework.SampleInstructions.CachingInstructions vocabulary makes use of the .Net MemoryCache class to implement caching. It is possible to use the UpdateCacheExpiryTime vocabulary definition to instruct the cache how long the cached item should be kept in memory or to use the DeleteContextFromCacheIfItStillExists definition to explicitly delete context from the cache.

However, regardless of your usage of these vocabulary definitions, if the memory on the server is under stress that .Net will automatically remove items from the cache. The reason for this is that these cached items have a Priority setting of default which means that the items can be removed when memory is used heavily. If the Priority is set to NotRemovable then .Net will not remove these items unless it is instructed to.

This issue has been created to implement a new vocabulary definition that allows you to set the Priority. The default priority will remain as is, so you will need to explicitly set it if desired.
Closed Feb 26, 2015 at 1:39 AM by jcooper1982
Fixed in build 1.5.4.