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EDI Context Properties are not available in BRE


I have created a Receive pipeline with EDI-DisAssembler component & BREPipelineFrameworkComponent component in Validate stage.

In the BRE rule, i need to make decision based on UNB21 and UNB31 fields.
But i am getting following error:

A message received by adapter "FILE" on receive location "EDIReceive Location" with URI "C:\Users\sarfaraz.ahmed\Documents\visual studio 2012\Projects\EDITest\EDIIn*.*" is suspended.
Error details: There was a failure executing the receive pipeline: "EDITest.EDIBREReceivePipeline, EDITest, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=fda80a76b5d720b6" Source: "BREPipelineFrameworkComponent" Receive Port: "EDIReceivePort" URI: "C:\Users\sarfaraz.ahmed\Documents\visual studio 2012\Projects\EDITest\EDIIn*.*" Reason: Unable to get context property Unb31 in namespace
MessageId: {3C9E0834-057D-43CA-8C83-258F71F4240A}
InstanceID: {8AD6F44A-EB74-4661-96FD-D7A94D23F321}

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